Weather in Delhi

Then there are some recurring problems because of the topographical location of the city .It being a region that is subjected to extreme weather conditions the infrastructure in Delhi has to be geared to suit the emergent needs.The visibility levels become low during winters and become a traffic hazard .

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Decorate your house with small budget!!

I am going to share some ideas and tricks that will definitely help you not only to transform your room completely but also to give it a ravishing and rich look by spending less; after all it’s your hard earned money.

Frankly, even I cannot think to pay out so much on hiring Interior Designers or Decorators because I keep on changing my home interior on a regular basis. I mean not daily, but yes on special occasions or when sometimes it becomes boring to watch that regular statue standing at the corner and staring me!


  1. Always select plants for indoors which generally require low maintenance. 
  2. To give an extra effect to it you can even arrange different sized pots together and add lights to it making it a focal point of your room.  
  3. Do not water it too much and use a plate for the base to avoid stains and mess.


My Interior World

Hi People

I am Debrashri and by profession I am a interior designer. I thought of opening a blog to showcase my work here as well I came to know best people in my profession are a part on blog world to . It will be useful for me to get tips and advice.

I also want to interact with bloggers from other genre’s to generate interest in outdoor activities. So friends I am here to explore the other part of me and I hope you guys will help me to dig that !!! 🙂