Weather in Delhi

Then there are some recurring problems because of the topographical location of the city .It being a region that is subjected to extreme weather conditions the infrastructure in Delhi has to be geared to suit the emergent needs.The visibility levels become low during winters and become a traffic hazard .

The residents have acclimatized to the severe weather conditions but not the tourists who get caught in the process and are subjected to health problems.Firstly reaching Delhi becomes a hectic event and then reaching your destinations become doubly difficult.Those who have timeframes have got stuck in this conditions.

Delhi is as much for the visitor as it is for the resident.This visitor is no leisure visitor.He has a job at hand and he is the link for the project back home be it polical social technical or financial.This conduit of a candidate has become crucial for the flow of communication and flow f power across states.It is to be viewed in this context as a very key performance job that translates into bigger achievements in the states.Lobbying is the name in politics but essential part of civilization.

The heat in summer is strange and abnormal for many and throws life out of gear.Power is in short supply and quickly consumed by the rich and the mighty whilst the lesser privileged and locational disadvantaged.Power cuts can take the juice out of residents.Water shortage in summer is a problem to still addressed and resolved into. The peripheral village population that supports city life need to be looked after well.It could take another decade to resolve power problems of this city.

The occasional upheaval due to earthquakes have to be studied in depth and preventive methods to rescue and rehabilitate should be high on the agenda.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with


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