The Wise Visitor

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The receptionist was disciplined and fit the job well and quite cooperative with the staff and bosses and maintained a healthy channel of communication within and without just staying put on the job.

But the duties of a receptionist are never limited and extends beyond  the limits of capacity of an individual.Even an MD would fail at the job.

Its is multi layered job requirement which describes the volume of work.

You need to watch the door,watch the movements of employees,customers clients, and unending list of callers In  person and over the phone and attend to them with poise and keep her wits under all circumstances.

There was a time when the company grew in size and a few departments created for service and the load went up exponentially.She was utterly helpless and no one to look at redressal of grievance.

Then one day there was an unusual number of visitors for a new project who began harassing the receptionist for routing their calls or giving them priority and also some of them threatening her through calls and making her life at the desk miserable.

The employers responsibility is to provide a safe workplace.

But he is of ten oblivious to the daily demands and more often brushes aside any complaints from the staff and prefers to give importance to clients.The employes feels that the staff can stretch themselves and compromise .

but for a day yes ,definitely not more than a day’s duty.It is apparently a non-fatal violence on the lady but violence all the same when threatened in the workplace.

There was this wise visitor from the prestigious Oil company who witnessed the scene without raising his voice and yet setting aside his requirement all the time to meet the MD.

It is difficult to express in words but he barged into the MD’s office and blasted him for his insensitive attitude in looking into the safety of the staff and threatened to sever the ties with a company that is  low on ethics. It worked  very well and for good.


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