Pretend that you forgot your bikini wax appointment

What could be worse for a guy! Yes the idea is gross, but hey, men sometimes need a ‘tit for tat’ solution for them to understand. This is particularly after you have tried all the non-gross solutions for your man to get shaved.


They can be stubborn at times, lazy too. That’s a sign of over-grown stubble. So after you have striked-off all the solutions from your list, try this last method of all. And if your man raises an objection to it, just mention him that you’ve lost interest in grooming yourself for him, just like he has. 

If he’s caring enough and smart too get the point, he will not only shave his stubble, but whatever you ask him to shave! So this solution has more than one advantage to it. If you want to make your crave to shave, then you must first and foremost talk to him directly. If that doesn’t work, then throw him hints. Probably get him a shaving kit, or let him know your interest in liking the clean shaven look. Yet again if he pretends to not get the hint, you pretend to have forgotten your bikini wax appointment. 😉
Additionally, let me know that you don’t want him to shave every day. No guy can put in that much time shaving. Do you wash your hair every day or every alternate day? No right? So we can’t be that demanding as well. Tell your man that you would prefer that he shaves atleast twice a week, and whenever you both go out together on a date. Don’t let the burden of ‘looking good for him’ take over you; share it with your partner, take equal opportunities to please each other. 

This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with


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